On this page you’ll find some links to websites or videos with approaches similar to mapachampa’s values:
Di seguito troverete alcuni link a siti o video con contenuti affini allo spirito di mapachampa :

In Cateura, which is situated along the banks of Paraguay RIver and where 1,500 tons of waste is dumped in the area each day, Favio Chavez, a landfill worker and musician has created an orchestra, The Landfill Harmonic. Its musician play instruments made from recycled rubbish. Their motto: “The world send us garbage..We send back music.”
A Cateura, Paraguay, hanno creato un’orchestra, The Landfill Harmonic, fabbricando strumenti, come violini, violoncelli, con elementi di spazzatura trovata nelle discariche. Il loro motto è “The world send us garbage…We sand back music.” Questo breve video di presentazione vale davvero la pena di essere guardato!

For those who are not yet familiar with it, The planned obsolescence, something which is of interest to us all, there is an interesting documentary by Cosima Dannoritzer:
Per chi, non conoscendola ancora, volesse scoprire cos’è l’obsolescenza programmata, questione che ci riguarda tutti, ecco l’interessantissimo documentario di Cosima Dannoritzer:

Repair cafés are a new concept, against a cosumerist society, where people make their skills available to help other people fix their things. This is a wonderful exchange of skills that gives life to objects which would have otherwise been thrown away.
Sui caffé delle riparazioni, nuova corrente contro lo scarto della società dei consumi, potete dare un occhiata a questa pagina :

The art of fixing things through a very refined “japanese” eye: the art of kintsugi, when a restored thing is better than a new one! Take a look!
L’arte della riparazione ci porta ad ammirare questo antico concetto giapponese : il kintsugi